True Life in God

Meets Mondays at 7.15pm in the priests house, to pray the rosary for Christian Unity, conversion and the Unification of the Dates of Easter

History of True Life in God
Vassula Rydén, is Greek, born in Egypt and belongs to the Greek Orthodox Church.  Mother of two sons and wife of a Swedish national she lived most of her life in Third World countries.

In 1985, while living in Bangladesh, God at first approached Vassula through her Guardian Angel Daniel, and later, after a purification and spiritual growth, God invited Vassula to serve Him, by transmitting His divine words to all people. Vassula receives these inspirations through the form of locutions and through interior visions. God asked her to call these prophetic messages, “True Life in God”. “True Life in God” is a divine call for all of us for a greater repentance, reconciliation, peace, love, and above all, the unity of the Church.

Available now in over 40 languages, the volumes of True Life in God inspirations have thousands of loyal, serious readers who have taken the words to heart by the grace of the Holy Spirit, bearing fruit in ministries such as the promotion of charity houses that serve the poor named Beth Myriam (House of Mary).

Since 1988, Vassula has been invited to speak in over 60 countries and has given over 700 presentations. Vassula receives no fees, or personal material benefit for her efforts. The Lord said to her: “I have given you freely, freely give.”

Over 20 years of messages from True Life in God and Radio archives are available at True Life in God website.

"The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, under the then Cardinal Ratzinger, has for a number of years been in corespondence with Vassula, quite rightly asking her for clarification on a number of issues within her writings. At first suspicous a fairly negative ‘notification’ was issued in 1995 – the Congregation has gradualy modified its stance over the years as Vassula has freely entered into dialoge with it. Nevertheless no one but Vassula can know for certain whether she does hear what she hears and no one but the Lord knows wether it is realy him speaking! Consequently it is only the content of her teaching that the Vatican can investigate and the Church recommends as it does in all such supernatural situations to treat Vassulas Locutions and Vissions as reflections and meditations on the Word of God as found in Scripture, Tradition and as authenticaly interpreted through the Church’s Teaching Office – principle the Holy Father himself. Thus in warmly commending True Life in God to the faithful in Broxburn I do so under the guidance of the CDF."   Fr Basil


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